The Basics of Household Wiring

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Basic Household Wiring


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The Basics of Household Wiring – Extended Edition is a detailed training program, designed to teach you electrical wiring procedures in a clear, effective way. This video is the only electrical wiring tutorial of its kind that takes challenging electrical wiring situations and makes them easy for the common man to understand! We begin by getting you familiar with the basics of home wiring, and then you’ll advance into learning secrets that only the pros can teach you. Never before has a training program been available in one full-length video.

Here are some of the many items demonstrated in this program:

– Basic electrical circuits – How service panels function with 120 and 240 volts – Grounding and bonding – Circuit breaker types and functions – Short circuits and causes – Relationships between amps, volts and watts – Wire colors, meanings and correct gauges – Correct usage of wire connectors – Correct use and function of pig-tail connections – Emphasis for local codes and legal permits – How 3 and 4-way switches function – AFCI breakers and installation Rough-in Wiring: – Professional recommendations – Code requirements, measurements and positions – Preparing wires for trim-out work – Prep-work for drywall, counter-tops, receptacles and switches Devices: – Correct wiring of electrical switches – single pole, three and four way – Correct wiring of common receptacles, outlets and light fixtures – Using circuit testers and meters – Understand complexities of GFCIs

Wiring Procedures – All Visually Illustrated and Animated: – Correct wiring of single pole switch types – Correct wiring of common receptacle types – How to wire 3-way switches set-up – How to wire 4-way switches set-ups – How a GFCI is wired for single and multiple location protection – How to wire an end-of-run receptacles – How to wire different middle-of-run receptacles situations – Correct wiring of double-gang electrical boxes – Correct wiring of switch-loops – Correct wiring of switch-controlled receptacles – How to wire ½ of a receptacle being controlled by a switch – How to wire middle and end-of-run lighting – Replacing a broken switch, receptacle and light fixture Safety: – Focuses on safety when working on all procedures – Using circuit testers – How to read receptacle testers – How to use a GFCI receptacle tester – Different techniques when checking for hot wires – Encouragement to seek out a licensed professional – … and more! Owning this program will give you the opportunity to watch wiring procedures over and over again until you’ve mastered them. We illustrate wiring diagrams so you can clearly see how to do them properly. We then show you how electricity properly flows through these examples. This way, you will understand the whole process. In the past, the only way to learn these techniques was to study electrical manuals or get coached by a professional. Now, we offer an alternative. The Basics of Household Wiring will jump start your confidence and teach you the professional secrets to this challenging field of home improvement.